arbitraje personal Cortez Berlanga

Commercial arbitration is a means to settle disputes, through which individuals or companies may submit, prior agreement, their present or future disputes to an arbitrator or a court consisting of several arbitrators, which will resolve such conflicts through a decision which shall be binding on the parties and which receives the name of "arbitration award". It is important to mention that the arbitration proceedings have substantial advantages over the traditional trials, such as the speed in the resolution of the dispute, neutrality, and the specialization of the arbitrators, the enforceability of awards in national courts and the confidentiality of the procedure, among others.

Therefore, our lawyers actively participate in national and international commercial arbitration cases in order to ensure that the arbitration disputes are resolved in accordance with the provisions contained in the conventions arbitration that had been adopted. Our lawyers also take part in the trials derived from the arbitration processes in national courts in accordance with principles and standards that accepted within the scope of International Law. The latter allows carrying the arbitration process with the due legal protection.

Therefore, the team of specialists at Cortez Berlanga & Asociados provides the following services:

- Legal advice and representation in proceedings of commercial arbitration, before both national and international institutions, such as the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), the American Arbitration Association (AAA), the London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA), the Spanish Court of arbitration (CEA, for its Spanish acronym), the National Chamber of Commerce of Mexico City (CANACO, for its Spanish acronym), the Arbitration Center of Mexico (CAM, for its Spanish acronym), among others.

- Legal advice, preparation, drafting, and revision of contracts with arbitration clauses aimed to safeguard the patrimonial and commercial rights of the parties involved in them.

- Filing injunction requests with regard to arbitration proceedings.

- Legal advice for the recognition and enforcement of awards by national and international courts.