Derecho corporativo Cortez Berlanga

In the present, all companies must develop and implement business and legal strategies that will allow them to consolidate, strengthen, and grow in the business world.

Thus, our office offers the following services with regard to corporate law:

• Legal advice for the formation, fusion, division, transformation, dissolution, and termination of commercial partnerships.

• Legal advice for the formation and dissolutions of partnerships and non-profit organizations.

• Analysis, study, preparation, modification, and revision of social statutes and internal regulations of any type of commercial partnerships, general partnerships, and non-profit organizations.

• Preparation, formalization, and revision of minutes of assembly, board of directors, and committee meetings of any type of commercial and general partnerships and non-profit organizations.

• Handling and management of partnership records and articles of incorporation, reforms, affiliated companies, and powers of attorney before Public Registry of Commerce.

• Analysis, study, preparation, and revision of contracts that are needed for the optimal operation of your business.

• Legal advice, negotiation, and preparation of purchase and sale contracts of shares, other forms of equity, assets, co-investment contracts (Joint Venture), and agreements regarding the change of shareholding control.

• Preparation and negotiation of contracts for additional charges to the purchase and sale of a business.