Derecho seguridad social Cortez Berlanga

The purpose of social security is to guarantee the right to health access, medical assistance, protection of the sustenance means, and the social services that are necessary for the wellbeing of groups and individuals, including the right to a pension, which, after meeting several legal requirements, will be guaranteed by the State. Thus, in order to accomplish the latter both the employer and employees must make the relevant social security contributions.
However, the incorrect calculation of the employer and employee’s contributions to social security may generate fees and fines and require updates that will adversely affect the economic resources of the employer. Therefore, we offer the following services in order to assist your business to comply with all obligations set by the Social Security Law:

• Legal advice regarding compliance with the social security obligations.

• Consultations to the Mexican Institute of Social Security and the National Fund for Workers Housing (IMSS and INFONAVIT, respectively, for their Spanish acronyms).

• Planning of self-correction programs of all employer records.

• Legal advice and implementation of employer substitutions, fusions, and divisions.

• Analysis of the benefits provided by companies in order to determine whether or not they must be part of the Daily Contribution.

• Calculation and determination of the employer-worker contributions.

• Legal advice regarding home visits, revisions of the counseling office, requests of information, and any other means through which the IMSS and INFONAVIT verify the truthfulness of information.

• Revision of rulings regarding Social Security and INFONAVIT matters.

• Initial capitals.

• Resolutions of business reclassification and modification of the degree of risk on the employer’s records.

• Training regarding the compliance with tax duties regarding social security.

• Processing of claims before the IMSS and INFONAVIT.