Cortez Berlanga derecho laboral
Cortez Berlanga derecho laboral
Cortez Berlanga derecho laboral
Cortez Berlanga derecho laboral
Cortez Berlanga derecho laboral
Cortez Berlanga derecho laboral

About Us

About Us

We are a law firm integrated by a team of attorneys, certified public accountants, and financial experts specialized in environmental and civil matters as well as in national and international commercial arbitration, including banking, financing, accounting, and business consulting matters. Our office also handles legal, family, financial, labor, commercial, real estate, corporate, fiscal, merging, and purchasing correspondence as well as services for consumer protection, intellectual and industrial property, foreign trade, immigration, energy, insurance and financing, mining, telecommunications, protection of personal information, and social security matters. The purpose of our services is to provide customized and highly effective legal solutions to our clients that satisfy their personal and commercial needs.

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Our Services

Our Services

We have specialized professionals in the following areas of practice
Cortez Berlanga derecho civil

Civil Law

Civil law regulates all the personal and financial relationships among private individuals. more

Cortez Berlanga derecho laboral

Área Labor Law

An employment relationship may generate several disputes between the employees and employers. more

Cortez Berlanga derecho mercantil

Commercial Law

Commercial law is the branch of law that regulates the business activities in which, in general, merchants and business owners participate.more

Cortez Berlanga derecho familiar

Family Law

The family is the natural and fundamental element of our society, which as provided by the constitution more

Cortez Berlanga derecho corporativa

Corporate Law

In the present, all companies must develop and implement business and legal strategies. more

Cortez Berlanga derecho fiscal

Tax Law

Tax regulations are continuously changing in our country due to the different reforms made to the tax law. more

Cortez Berlanga derecho inmobiliaria

Real Estate Law

In recent years, the real estate field in México has grown at an accelerated rate and thus a series of actions regarding more

Cortez Berlanga derecho seguridad

Personal Data Protection

The Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Individuals (LFPDPPP, for its Spanish acronym) which entered into force on July 6, 2010 more

Cortez Berlanga derecho social

Social Security Practice

The purpose of social security is to guarantee the right to health access, medical assistance, protection of the sustenance means more

Cortez Berlanga derecho intelectual

Intellectual and Industrial Property

Any person who makes a new design, literary or art work, invention, or product can benefit from the exclusiveness. more

Cortez Berlanga derecho contable


Accounting is one of the most important tools of businesses because it indicates the financial and economic reality of the company more

Cortez Berlanga derecho comercio exterior

Foreign Trade and Customs

In the present, Foreign Trade is growing at an accelerated rate due, on one hand, to the large interchange of technology and, on the other hand, to globalization more

Cortez Berlanga derecho amniental

Environmental Law

Correct compliance with the legal regulations on environmental matters is of vital importance to society because the protection and conservation of the environment more

Cortez Berlanga derecho migratorio

Immigration Law

In today’s global context we observe that a large percentage of the people travel abroad for several purposes such as commercial, academic, medical, business, and pleasure. more

Cortez Berlanga derecho energia

Energy Law

The Constitutional Reform on Energy Resources approved by the Permanent Constituent Congress enacted by the President of the Republic in 2013 meant a solid step towards the modernization of the energy sector of our country more

Cortez Berlanga derecho seguros y fianzas

Insurance and

We at Cortez Berlanga & Asociados have a team of specialists in the area of insurance and bonds more

Cortez Berlanga derecho inversión extranjera

Foreign Investment

We at Cortez Berlanga & Asociados are aware of the great importance of foreign investment as a complementary source of income to finance the economic growth of our country. more

Cortez Berlanga derecho telecomunicaciones

Telecommunications Law

Telecommunications is one of the sectors of greatest importance and dynamism in the world today due to the continuous technological changes that increase the ability to transmit more information. more

Cortez Berlanga derecho competencia economica

Field of Economic Competition

Economic competition is paramount to increasing economic growth and well-being of a country, through the promotion and defense of free competition more

Cortez Berlanga derecho mineria

Mining Field

Mining is one of the productive activities of greater impact and importance in the economy of our country, since it contributes about 2% to the national Gross Domestic Product (GDP). more

Cortez Berlanga derecho fusiones y adquisiciones

Field of Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) constitute one of the most important operations in today's business world more

Cortez Berlanga derecho bancaria y de finanzas

Banking and Financing Field

We at Cortez Berlanga & Asociados are aware of the complexity of banking and financial operations that are required by the current market. más

Cortez Berlanga derecho proteccion al consumidor

Field of Consumer Protection

In the present it is possible to observe a constant increase of the suppliers of goods and services, which is due to the high demand of the Mexican society to meet their personal and business needs in the best way possible. more

Cortez Berlanga derecho Arbitraje Comercial Nacional e Internacional

Field of National and Int. Commercial Arbitration

Commercial arbitration is a means to settle disputes, through which individuals or companies may submit, prior agreement, their present or future disputes to an arbitrator or a court consisting of several arbitrators more

Cortez Berlanga derecho Corresponsalía legal

Field of Legal Correspondence

We at Cortez Berlanga & Asociados offer the service of legal correspondence to all types of companies and corporate and legal offices as well as to solo practitioner attorneys with regard to all types of judgments and procedures developed before judicial or administrative authorities located in the States of Coahuila and Nuevo Leon. more

Cortez Berlanga derecho Migratoria Norteamericana

U.S. Immigration Law

Currently the number of migrants travelling from Mexico to the United States of America has been in constant increase. The latter is due to various social factors, such as the closeness between countries, as well as the search for better job opportunities. more

Cortez Berlanga derecho Pro Bono

Pro Bono

We at Cortez Berlanga & Asociados are committed to participate and actively support the improvement of the quality of life of Mexican society. more


  • They supported me completely, they were always in touch with me and they resolved my case completely. Dr. Gerardo Órtiz
  • 100% Recomendable, extremely efficient, there is no doubt Cortez Berlanga are the best decision I take to help me in my situation Ms. Paola Mendez
  • I fully relied on your support, we were able to complete a process that had not resolved years, they are definitely the best option. Ing. Rolando Beltran

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Contact Us

We offer our services in all states of the Mexican Republic but especially in the municipalities of the states of Nuevo Leon and CDMX.


Contact us

Contact us

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Av. Paseo de la Reforma No. 180, Piso 14, Esq. Av. de los Insurgentes, Colonia Juárez, Delegación Cuauhtémoc, Ciudad de México, CDMX, C.P. 06600.

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