Cortez Berlanga

In today’s global context we observe that a large percentage of the people travel abroad for several purposes such as commercial, academic, medical, business, and pleasure. However, they usually face technical and practical issues in order to obtain the correct visa to enter legally into the country they wish to visit.

Thus, in order to facilitate such administrative procedures we make the following services available:

• Legal advice to choose of the most appropriate type of visa for the specific case.

• Legal advice to companies for the internment of employees, managers and technical personnel into the national territory.

• Legal advice for the processing of visas for expatriates who work in national territory in order to obtain the residence and citizenship.

• Authorization for foreigners so that they may attend to meetings of Board of Directors and Assemblies of commercial corporations.

• Representation before the National Institute of Migration and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

• Procedures and notices before the National Institute of Migration.

• Declaration of Mexican nationality by birth.

• Processing of migratory forms (FM, FM2, and FM3).

• Processing of authorizations and permits for the internment of foreigners into the national territory who are intended to come to work, invest, study, provide technical advice, conduct negotiations, and act in public shows.

• Processing of authorizations to obtain the permanent legal residency in the country.

• Procedures for naturalization.

• Procedures for the change of nationality.

• Procedures for Apostille and legalization of official documents.

• Import of vehicles, household, and personal items.

• Challenge of decisions in immigration matters before administrative authorities and federal courts.