Cortez Berlanga Area ambiental

Correct compliance with the legal regulations on environmental matters is of vital importance to society because the protection and conservation of the environment depends on such compliance. For this reason, in order to preserve the ecological balance and environmental diversity, we offer the following services:

• Legal advice in the field of environmental law.

• Legal advice for the correct fulfillment of the legal provisions in matters regarding the use and handling of water, air, waste, storage tanks, toxic substances, and air or land transport.

• Support during inspection visits carried out by the Federal Attorney of Environmental Protection or any other environmental authority.

• Training to companies for the correct compliance with the regulations on environmental matters arising from laws, regulations, and international treaties.

• Development of studies of environmental impact for Federal and/or State purposes.

• Drafting and revision of contracts that govern environmental aspects.

• Preparation and revision of environmental management programs.

• Drafting and revision of internal programs of Civil Protection.

• Processing and obtaining concessions, authorizations, licenses, registrations and permits on environmental matters.

• Implementation of environmental policies.

• Submission of legal defense means before environmental compliance authorities; both administrative and jurisdictional