Cortez Berlanga

In the present, Foreign Trade is growing at an accelerated rate due, on one hand, to the large interchange of technology and, on the other hand, to globalization, which creates the ideal environment for business to expand to different international markets and thus position their products and services under a continuous and stable growth.
Therefore, having legal advice regarding foreign trade and customs is essential for every business in order to avoid risks, losses, and fines for not complying with the foreign trade regulations established by national and international regulations. Thus, we at Cortez Berlanga & Asociados offer the following services:

• Strategic legal advice for the application of customs regimes.

• Legal advice on final import and export.

• Legal advice on countervailing duties.

• Audits for the compliance of obligations regarding Foreign Trade.

• Classification and calculation of general and preferential tariffs.

• Calculation of Foreign Trade taxes.

• Administrative procedures regarding disloyal practices of Foreign Trade (dumping, subsidies, and safeguards).

• Registration of businesses before the General Registry Office of Import Companies.

• Registration of a business as a certified company.

• Registration in the IMMEX and PROSEC programs.

• Revisions of Foreign Trade diagnosis and customs compliance.

• Revisions of Foreign Trade operations.

• Customs valuation of imported merchandise and transfer prices.

• Negotiations to eliminate and reduce tariffs to import merchandise.

• Processing of foreign trade documentation before Tax and Customs Authorities.

• Filing of appeals, contentious-administrative lawsuits, direct Amparo against Administrative Procedures regarding Customs Matters.