competencia economica cortez Berlanga

Economic competition is paramount to increasing economic growth and well-being of a country, through the promotion and defense of free competition, the elimination of monopolies, monopolistic practices, and illicit concentrations, barriers to free competition, as well as other constraints to the efficient operation of markets.

The above is to obtain the best prices and greater variety and better quality of goods and services, as well as to ensure that the limited resources of a society are used and allocated in the most efficient manner, and that consistent incentives are generated for technological innovation.

Thus, at Cortez Berlanga & Asociados, our specialist team offers the following services in the field of economic competition:

- Legal advice for the correct compliance with the laws and regulations that make up the legal framework for economic competition in Mexico.

- Legal advice and management of concentration notification, which consists of a procedure from which two or more operators, companies, associations, or people who are competitors, suppliers or customers, inform and request authorization to the Federal Commission of Economic Competition to carry out the merger, acquisition of control, or any other action by virtue of which they intend to join their, social representatives partnerships, or shares.

- Legal advice and management for the obtaining of permissions before the Federal Commission de Economic Competition.

- Filing and substantiation of complaints before the Federal Commission de Economic Competition.

- Legal advice and defense in investigation processes for absolute and relative monopolistic practices.

- Legal advice, preparation, and revision of license, supply, and distribution agreements.

- Defense and legal representation in litigation before the relevant anti-monopolistic practices authorities.