telecomunicaciones Cortez Berlanga

Telecommunications is one of the sectors of greatest importance and dynamism in the world today due to the continuous technological changes that increase the ability to transmit more information, faster and with higher quality through different media created for this purpose and which help to greatly increase the productivity of both public and private companies. Cortez Berlanga & Asociados has specialized in this area of practice. Therefore, we make the following services available:

- Legal advice, to both national and foreign companies, for the correct compliance with the laws and regulations that constitute the legal framework of telecommunications in Mexico.

- Legal advice to investors, both national and foreign, who intend to invest or acquire companies and businesses of telecommunications in Mexico.

- Consultations before the Public Registry of Concessions in order to find useful information and dates of granting and validity of concession titles, coverage, and services provided or technical data such as bands of frequencies or satellites that, in his case, are used by the operators of telecommunications.

- Legal advice and management of concessions, licenses, and permissions from the relevant authorities regarding telecommunications.

- Legal advice and support during the participation in public bidding processes to obtain the rights to exploit frequencies of the radio spectrum.

- Legal advice for the approval of telecommunications and broadcasting equipment.

- Legal advice on local telephone and long distance services.

- Legal advice and management for the obtaining of the certificate for the provision of added value services before the Registry of Telecommunications.

- Legal advice, drafting, and revision of all type of contracts in matters of telecommunications.

- Legal advice and representation in administrative processes, such as inspections, information requirements, and sanction or revocation procedures.